Important Info



Due to the size of the game truck there are certain areas the Rolling Video Games cannot access (including but not limited to, small cul-de-sacs, hilly areas, narrow streets, poor ingress and egress…etc) It is at our driver’s sole discretion as to whether or not a party area is “accessible/suitable” for the game truck. Should an area be deemed “inaccessible/unsuitable”, a nearby alternative site will be sought out. Should no alternative site be readily available, the party shall be cancelled and a full refund (100%) of all fees paid  will be issued. It is NEVER our intention to cancel a party and disappoint any kids, so please make every effort to secure a large space for the game truck.

Traffic / Unforseen travel problems

As everyone living in Southern California knows occasionally traffic can become a problem. Although parties are never booked with less than 1 hour allotted for travel time, Rolling Video Games has on rare times been stuck and forced to run late. Should our driver be running a little late, he will call the listed contact person with an anticipated arrival time. (So far, we have never been more than 15 minutes late!) Whenever possible, Rolling Video Games will simply extend the party end time to make-up for the “late arrival”. On extremely rare occurrences when the game truck must leave at the scheduled party end time, a pro-rated refund, based on the percentage of time the truck was not available for use, will be issued.


San Diego Video Game Truck Party